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The attack on several women by a gang of men in a grill in Tangshan sparked a wave of indignation on the Internet and deep commotion across the country, which have still not subsided. Langfang City Judicial Authorities [à 200 kilomètres à l’ouest de Tangshan] were seized, and 9 suspects were arrested on 12 June. In addition, the municipality of Tangshan has launched an “Operation Storm” to guarantee the maintenance of public order this summer, to prevent reprehensible behavior such as fights, incivility, cases of intentional assault, or harassment. women.

Looking at the videos, we see that the first woman attacked started by responding courageously and that some witnesses of the scene tried to intervene, but most of the customers did not dare to intervene, contenting themselves with phoning the police. . This is appealing! Some voices are also raised to denounce the excessively timorous attitude of those present.

However, keeping ourselves from any moral judgment, let’s put ourselves a little in the place of these people who, faced with the violence of thugs, are often afraid to come to the aid of those attacked for fear that it will turn against them! There are deeper reasons for this, not least because if the attacker is ever injured or killed during the intervention, it is difficult

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