Workers investigated for declaring dead elderly adult infected with COVID in China

China.- At least six workers are being investigated after an older adult infected with covid was declared dead by mistake.

The events were recorded in Shanghai, Chinawhen the elderly man residing in a nursing home was pronounced dead by health personnel, put in a body bag and taken by forensics to a van to be transferred to cremation.

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A video captured by a witness who claims he saw movement where the older adult was circulating circulates on social networks.

“Live! Did you see that? Live! Don’t cover it up again!” two men say as workers open the body bag.

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COVID in China: Workers withdrawn

according to medium Guardian, the incident was confirmed by the district government of Putuo, He said that investigations had been started.

The Shanghai Supervisory Commission and the Central Commission for Disciplinary Control They said six officials, including the director of the residence and a doctor, were removed and placed under investigation.

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Through a statement, the home for older adults called Shanghai Xinchangzheng apologized, while the funeral home compensates its employees with money for noticing that the man was still alive.

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