World Cup 2022: FIFA President accuses the West of “hypocrisy”
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During a “extraordinary monologue”, according to the words of BBC, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has accused the West of“hypocrisy” in his coverage of human rights in Qatar on the eve of the World Cup.

At a press conference in Doha on Saturday November 19, Infantino talked “for almost an hour” and “defended with passion for Qatar and the tournament”, sums up the British channel.

Whereas “the event was overshadowed by issues in Qatar, including the death of migrant workers and the treatment of LGBT people,” Infantino, who was born in Switzerland, said European countries should apologize for acts committed in their own history, rather than focusing on issues of migrant workers in Qatar.

He stated in particular:

Today I have strong feelings. Today I feel Qatari, I feel Arab, I feel African, I feel gay, I feel disabled, I feel migrant worker.”

“We have received many lessons from Europeans and the Western world. I am European. For what we have done for 3,000 years in the world, we should apologize for the next 3,000 years before giving moral lessons”he further explained.

“I find it hard to understand the critics. We must invest to help these people, to educate them and give them a better future and more hope. We should all educate ourselves. Many things are not perfect, but reform and change take time. […] This one-sided moral lesson is nothing but hypocrisy.”

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