World Cup in Qatar: the heavy sacrifice of Nepalese workers
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Several thousand Nepalese workers have died in Qatar since 2010, on construction sites for the FIFA World Cup. Bereaved and destitute families are rarely compensated by employers. Falls and heart failure are the leading causes of death. Relatives of the deceased recount very harsh working conditions, in extreme heat. Others have returned but their lives are shattered. Despite this, the candidates for departure remain numerous.

According to local authorities, 13,000 Nepalese left to work on World Cup construction sites in Qatar and 2,000 died. A figure of victims which seems, in the eyes of various human rights organizations, very underestimated.

For lack of jobs and sufficient salaries, half a million Nepalese leave each year to work in the Gulf countries and in Malaysia, enduring modern-day slavery, in the shadows and without a sound.

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