The Argentina matches in the World Cup can be seen in schools in Mendoza.
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This Tuesday at 7, the Argentine National Team faces Saudi Arabia in what will be the first game of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The schedule coincides with the entrance of the majority of students from Córdoba schools, so there are doubts among fathers and mothers: what will happen to the faults.

In this regard, the Minister of Education of the Nation, Jaime Perczyksaid Argentina’s matches will be broadcast in schools across the country. However, several directors affirmed that in many schools there are no televisions, or they do not have cable or internet service.

What will happen in the schools of Córdoba

At the local level, the Secretary of Education of the Province, Delia Provincialiaffirmed days ago that in principle the decision will be in the hands of each establishmentand slipped that it was possible for the boys to enter earlier on the days when the games are first thing in the morning, to see them at school, or enter after the match is over.

The Argentina matches in the World Cup can be seen in schools in Mendoza. (North Daily /)

And he pointed out that the directors of each establishment, depending on their possibilities, could organize so that the students see the Selection in the schools. But he insisted that afterward, school activities should continue as normal. And that if someone does not go to class, they will be missing.

Meanwhile, the schools that depend on Municipality of Cordoba enabled the possibility that your students enter once the game is over. In some cases, the possibility of watching the game in the classroom has been provided.

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