Lucas's reaction to seeing the tickets to Doha, Qatar.

Is young argentinian couple became viral on the internet after sharing a video, where Aixa gives tickets to Lucas, her boyfriend, to travel to the Qatar World Cup in November.

But beyond the happy and intimate moment of the couple, the important thing and what the video transcended was that, according to Aixa told TN: “We are going to carry out a super economical trip”.

The boyfriend’s surprise for the tickets for the World Cup in Qatar

just a few days ago, Aixa surprised her boyfriend Lucas by giving him air tickets to travel to Doha, the capital of Qatar, in Novemberwhere the most important sporting event of the year will be taking place: the World Cup.

Lucas’s reaction, of absolute surprise, went viral on social media. Although it was something that they had been talking about, he never thought that this trip could take place.

All this became possible before the alternatives that Aixa considered to transform a very expensive trip into something much more economically accessibleas told to TN.

Lucas’s reaction to seeing the tickets to Doha, Qatar. (TN /)

Thus, the young woman commented: “My idea is to demystify all those figures that are being talked about. 10 thousand or 15 thousand dollars or even more to travel. With intelligence and being attentive, you can go to the World Cup for 4 thousand dollars”.

And then he added: “We started saving a long time ago. We also have a clothing brand to be able to afford some of all this and we are going to carry out a super economical trip. We will adapt to the situation, but without doing anything grandiose”.

It should be noted that Aixa already has experience in traveling to see the soccer world cups, and that is that the young woman was able to be present at the 2018 Russia event.

“When we started asking, the packages ranged between 11 and 15 thousand dollars per person. I who went to Russia know that you can live with less. It is a matter of searching and not believing that it is an impossible journey”commented.

In this way, in turn, he detailed that each air ticket cost them $290,000something much cheaper than what is considered in current prices before the proximity of the World Cup.

“At the time they were between 700 and 800 dollars. Now you even find for 1000 dollars or more. We are going to fly with many stopovers and thus we will save a lot of money”, he explained his strategy.

A) Yes, the happy couple will travel from Buenos Aires to Toronto (Canada), to then go to Paris (France), then to Munich (Germany), from there to Cairo (Egypt), then Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), to then travel to Doha (Qatar).

The large number of hours they will be traveling should not be underestimated, and just to make the point clear, in Toronto and Paris they will have 14-hour layovers. Worse still in Munich, where they must be for 24 hours.

But Aixa sees this as advantageous: “We’re going to get to know those cities too so we don’t stay at the airport. In Munich we booked a very cheap hotel.”

Regarding accommodation, the couple got a profitable apartment in Barwaa neighborhood area located 40 minutes from Doha: “We paid $82 a night between the two of us. It has a private bathroom and a kitchen that is shared with another apartment. For us, having a bed and a bathroom is enough.”

However, the reality for lodging in the capital city is different: “All lodging is through FIFA. You have to have a ticket to be able to reserve, but they have to authorize them. There are people looking outside this dynamic. I recommend that you inform yourself so as not to lose money.” In this sense, the values ​​start from U$S 250 per night onwards.

Another thing to keep in mind is the daily meals: “Surely we buy and cook in the apartment. Or some fast food. We saw that supermarket prices are similar to those here. We believe that with 20 dollars a day – at most – each of us will be fine”.

The couple found an alternative way to travel to Qatar for less money.

The couple found an alternative way to travel to Qatar for less money.

Finally, Aixa told how much they plan to be in Qatar: “We have tickets to the semi-final. I don’t know what we will do if Argentina doesn’t arrive, because there are many days there and it wouldn’t be fun anymore. But we also know that changing the flights means putting in more money, so we will have to analyze what to do in that situation.”

And to conclude, the young woman gave an estimate of how much they plan to spend on their World Cup adventure: “We calculate that until the semifinal we are going to spend about 5,000 dollars each. Much less than half of what it would have been if we booked a package in a tourism agency”.

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