World Cup Qatar 2022: prohibit the sale of beer in stadiums and surroundings
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Contrary to an agreement that had been reached with FIFA, the government of Qatar has banned the sale of beer in and around stadiums where the matches of the World Cup will be played, which will begin next Sunday.

The decision was announced by the governing body of international soccer after a meeting with the authorities of the host country, where the free sale of alcohol is prohibited except in specific places.

In Qatar, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is highly restricted and can hardly be consumed in some hotels in Doha. But since the arrival of tourists began, this regulation has softened but continues without being able to buy alcohol in supermarkets.

One of the measures that was taken in stores throughout the country was to modify prices, in such a way that a liter of beer cost more than 13 euros Y a glass of whiskey beyond 40 euros.

It will only be sold in fan zone

After the ban announced two days after the start of the competition, the point of agreement reached was that will only allow the sale of alcohol in the fan zone and licensed points, such as certain hotels.

“After discussions with the host country and FIFA the decision has been made that only alcoholic beverages will be sold in the fan zone and the enabled and licensed points for this, and not on the perimeter of the stadiums,” FIFA said in a statement.

Problems with a sponsor

The problem that for the host country was based on cultural issues opened the door to a commercial controversy. That’s why It remains to be seen how the sponsorship that the World Cup had with Budweiser suffersofficial beer distributor during the tournament.

Budweiser’s response, thus far, was to post a tweet with the following message: “Well this is awkward”.

In order to face the tournament, in hotels, fan zone and stadiums were enabled happy hours and the sale of alcohol was allowed, although with restrictions so that people could not buy more than two beers at the same time.

According to the British newspaper The Times, Qatar, at the behest of the royal familyis pressing FIFA to stop the sale of beers in stadiums.

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