The love story between Papu Gómez and Linda Raff.  (Photo: Instagram/@papugomez_official).
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The Argentine National Team will train in Qatar from 12 with the idea of ​​diagramming what will be the debut against Saudi Arabia for the first date of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The focus will be on the players with physical discomfort. Marcos Acuna He has groin pain and in the next few hours a decision will be made: will he stay or will he be disaffected like Joaquín Correa and Nicolás González?

Lautaro Martinez have muscle overload and Alejandro Gomez some discomfort in one of his knees. In these cases, it would not be serious and it is expected that they can improve in the next few hours.

I followed the coverage live by TN and look at the most outstanding news on the subject minute by minute:

Ángel Correa and Thiago Almada were fired by a crowd in Ezeiza and traveled to Qatar

THIAGO ALMADA. He spoke to the press before traveling (Photo: Capture TyC Sports)

The footballers of the Argentine National Team got into the World Cup at the last minute due to injuries to Nicolás González and Joaquín Correa.

Angel Correa Y Thiago Almada They traveled at dawn on Friday from the Ezeiza Airport to Qatar and thus joined the Argentine National Team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The images of the farewell of both players are incredible: dozens of people went to the international departures terminal to accompany you in this special moment.

In the distance, the National Team enjoyed a very Argentine custom: it had its first barbecue in Qatar

The Argentine National Team had its first barbecue in Qatar. (Photo: @ tagliafico3 / Reuters)

Nicolás Tagliafico and Emiliano Martínez showed on their social networks images of the banquet that the team had at their first dinner at the concentration.

The Argentine national team is already in Qatar, waiting for the long-awaited debut in the World, which will be against Saudi Arabia next Tuesday. Although they are very far from home, the members of the delegation preserve the customs of Albiceleste and upon their arrival in the host country of the competition they were delighted with a great roast.

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Nicolas Tagliafico He had anticipated the first barbecue of the Argentine National Team in Doha with a post on his social networks: “It caught fire,” wrote the Olympique de Lyon soccer player along with a photo of the fire.

Hours later, after training, the goalkeeper Dibu Martinez He uploaded a video detailing the food that the entire delegation enjoyed.

In pure luxury, but surrounded by Brazilian fans: Kun Agüero’s trip to Qatar to cover the World Cup

Pure luxury, but surrounded by Brazilian fans: Kun Agüero’s trip to Qatar to cover the World Cup (Photo: Kun Agüero).

The former striker, who retired from football due to heart problems, will not miss any detail of football’s greatest event.

Sergio Aguero preparing to live a world special. Retired from soccer due to heart problems, Kun will see from the outside a contest that unleashes the emotion of all soccer fans. But nothing will be lost, since will be present at Qatar 2022but now in your new role of streamer and communicator.

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Agüero traveled to Qatar to follow every detail of football’s greatest event. But the flight had its details. Details that were somewhat annoying for Kun, who, despite everything, took it with sympathy. It happens that the former striker, who traveled in first class, in pure luxury, had to put up with a large group of Brazilian fans who did not stop singing at any time.

Jessica, the luckiest quilmeña in Qatar: she is the only Argentine who studies and lives where Messi trains

By Luana Viera, from Qatar

Jessica, the luckiest Argentine in Qatar: studies and lives where the National Team trains and has a dream (TN/Camera: Lele Heredia. Journalist: Luana Viera).

She is 27 years old and arrived in the host country of the World Cup in August, after receiving a scholarship to study the Arabic language. Today, just 100 meters away, she has Lionel Messi and her company.

Jessica Costa She is an Argentine who is at a point on the planet that is the envy of an entire country: this 27-year-old student born in Quilmes He studies and lives at the University of Qatar. Yes, there where the bunker is Selection for the World Cup.

Jessica settled in Doha (Qatar) in August. Before, she had graduated as a journalist and had done a master’s degree for specialize in the Middle Eastbut he felt that this was not enough and that he needed fluency in the language.

From the bondiola sandwich in Sarandí to his life in Seville: the love story of Papu Gómez and Linda Raff

The love story between Papu Gómez and Linda Raff. (Photo: Instagram/@papugomez_official).

The Argentine National Team footballer began his courtship with the designer when he was taking his first steps at Arsenal.

With the arrival of Qatar World Cup 2022, it is impossible not to delve into the stories of the soccer players that make up the Argentine National Team and who will be competing for the World Cup in less than a week. In the case of the player Alejandro Papu Gomezhis wife Linda Raff has been his unconditional support during his long career as a footballer, but how did their love come about?

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