Hervé Renard, as energetic in the dressing room as he was from the substitute bench.
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“Take out your phone and you can take a picture with Messi, if that’s what you want. He asks for the ball in the middle of the field and they remain still, watching. They have to put pressure on him and push him,” the coach told his players in an energetic tone. Herve Renard, in the talk at halftime, when Argentina defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0.

These images and their translation, since the DT speaks in English and the footballers receive the message through an interpreter who maintains the same tone, went viral after being published from the privacy of the Arab team, which in the second half quickly showed a opposite attitude and in a few minutes the game turned around, which finally ended up winning it 2-1.

“Is that how you press? Pressing is supposed to mean you’re going to go forward,” he tells a player. And immediately points to another: “Messi has the ball and you stay in defense. Do you want Ali to go and press him?”

Hervé Renard, as energetic in the dressing room as he was from the substitute bench.Robert Michael – dpa

From an absolute dominance of the Argentines in the initial stage, they went on to a Saudi victory, against a national team that did not know how to solve their opportunities and was losing fury and prominence as the minutes went by to be difficult in the World Cup from the start. Group stage debut.

“There are 60,000 fans in the stands. We are not respecting them. We did not put intensity. They played the first half as if it were a friendly match. They had the best chances, but they didn’t score more than once. Then, they have to stand up and fight. There are still 45 minutes left to play!”, added Renard, pacing up and down the center of the locker room as the players sat in front of each locker watching him.

The video, strictly speaking, is 10 minutes long and it is summarized from the pre-match talk and the team’s preparations, with the doctors and the props, to how the attendees experienced the game in privacy from a private room. And the subsequent festivities, of course.

“We’re not supposed to let them play. If we have the ball, not only will we be able to match it…”, the French coach, who has led Saudi Arabia for three years, sows hope. Finally, the Arabs achieved a historic victory and added the three points to position themselves as leaders of Group C.

The complete video published by the Saudi team

“It’s a World Cup, guys! They have to have respect for their country! ”, He claimed to them, after also reproaching them that they were crestfallen in the locker room. “Can they be like this? Except for Salman (injured), who can’t play now… What are the others doing?” Was the beginning of almost two minutes of a harangue that will remain recorded in the history of Saudi Arabia in the World Cups.


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