Child Abuse 20220630
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A recent survey confirms that during 2022 the 79% of girls, boys and adolescents who testify in the Specialized Interview Room of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the CABA were victims of sexual abuse.

The Specialized Interview Room (SEE) of the city of Buenos Aires is made up of psychologists trained in forensic investigative techniques, and has technological support that guarantees obtaining a accurate and reliable statement. In this way, the reiteration of the story in other instances is avoided, which would imply their re-victimization. Across the room, girls, boys and teens exercise their right to be heard in any judicial process of which they are part.

The room in question complies with the standards established in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and with the Santiago Guidelines on the Protection of Victims and Witnesses. Spatially it is distributed in two floors. The Interview Room is located on the 12th floor and the Observation Room is located on the 10th floor, equipped with an integrated audio recording system and is from where judicial officials, as well as the parties involved in the process, can witness through the closed circuit of TV and audio the interview carried out.

Child abuse. PHOTO: Agency Shutterstock

Likewise, this SEE has independent access and has a closed circuit television system, remote monitoring, and technology that enables a faithful record of the conversation.

The General Adviser for the Deputy Guardianship of Minors, Dr. Laura Grindetti expressed: “When we see these worrying figures, we are reinforced by the idea that prevention continues to be one of the fundamental axes to prevent this serious crime from continuing to expand. Many girls and boys come to this instance after having received an ESI class, therefore it is essential that this law is complied with. And the organizations dedicated to the protection of rights We must continue to create spaces for listening, facilitate access to justice spreading continuous campaigns of prevention and promoting training for all people and institutions that have links with girls, boys and adolescents”.

Girls and boys: the vulnerable group

Girls and boys are the most vulnerable group in our society. Situations of abuse occur, in 80% of cases, in intramural contexts and in places around them and are committed by relatives or acquaintances of the victims which makes detection difficult.

The MPT has a series of devices that contribute to expedite access to the justice service and constitute a fundamental tool in the prevention of situations of violence or violation of the rights of children and adolescents and users of mental health services.

The Tutelary Public Ministry of the CABA has a system of justice access networks composed of: the line 0800 12 27376, WhatsApp 15 7037 7037 and Facebook @mptutelarwho receive inquiries and complaints that may also be of anonymous character.

Child Abuse 20220630
Illustrative image. PHOTO: Agency Shutterstock

In turn, the MPT has a Network of Decentralized Offices located in the neighborhoods of Barracas, Barrio 21-24, Barrio 31, Barrio Rodrigo Bueno, Mataderos, Cildañez, Villa 15, Flores, Palermo, Soldati, Barrio Papa Francisco and Barrio Padre Rodolfo Ricciarelli. In addition, a mobile office brings justice closer to strategic points in the city on an itinerant basis.

And it also has the Unit of Lawyers for Children and Adolescents Victims of Crimes, whose objective is that girls, boys and adolescents have access to justice and can participate actively in a file. The same, created in 2017 from the Victims Law, provides free legal assistance to all minors who are victims of a crime.


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