World Economic Forum includes Chilean companies Houm and Global 66 among the 100 pioneer technology startups in the world

The World Economic Forum (WEF) presented the 100 innovative technology companies to its community of Technology Pioneers from 30 countries, including two Chileans, FinTech Global 66 and PropTech, Houm.

The countries with the greatest representation on this year’s list are the United States and China, followed by the Europeans, where the United Kingdom leads. From Latin America, in addition to Chile, there are Argentina and Mexico. And for the first time companies from Rwanda, Vietnam and the Czech Republic appear.

The Chilean PropTech Houm is a digital platform that allows the rental, sale and management of houses and apartments in one place, which uses technology for speed and efficiency to work. According to the firm, its mission is to “make this industry accessible to all and eliminate bureaucracy and informal and complicated processes through technology.”

“We are very happy to be recognized as a pioneer by the World Economic Forum. It is a great milestone and an honor for us, because there have been notable Technological Pioneers of the Past such as Google, Twitter, Airbnb, Foundation Medicine, Wikimedia, BloomEnergy, Kickstarter, CloudFlare, Mozilla, among others”, said Benjamín Labra, founder of Houm in a statement.

Global 66, is the first global financial platform for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which seeks to provide access to financial services regardless of where the user is.

“Global66 is improving the aspirations of people in Latin America. More than 300 million people are unbanked or insufficiently banked and more than 10 million small and medium-sized businesses have problems with the financial industry. Global66 exists to provide global access to financial services”, says the FinTech on the WEF website.

The World Economic Forum Community

The Technology Pioneers are part of the community of Forum Global Innovatorswhich is an invitation-only group made up of emerging and scalable companies like Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Spotify, TransferWise, Twitter and Wikimedia.

The 2022 community will be invited to participate in WEF workshops, events and high-level discussions during their two years in the community.

“By joining this community, these emerging technology leaders can continue to showcase not only the impressive technological advances within their companies, but also how their companies are helping build a better future for all of us,” said Saemoon Yoon, Community Leader of WEF Technology Pioneers in a statement.

The community is also part of the Network of Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolutionwhose members help shape new policies and strategies in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital assets, the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles.

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