World Masturbation Day: the health benefits

Every May 7, since 1995, the world day of Masturbation. The date was established by a manufacturer of sex toys who wanted to honor the pediatrician Joycelin Elders. This doctor said in a speech before the UN that “the self pleasure and the personal sexual discovery it is something typical of human sexuality that should be taught in schools.”

The masturbation it used to be associated with something bad or forbidden, which almost everyone hid. However, the specialists in Sexology of the world affirm that this practice is healthy, natural and has many Benefits. It provides, for example, a valuable contribution that ranges from the physical to the psychological.

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Masturbation day: what are the problems with masturbating

The sexologist and psychologist at the Hospital de Clínicas, Viviana Wapñarsky (MN 24,433), clarified to Con Bienestar that “masturbation does no harm” and that neither “interferes in relationships with other people”.

On the contrary, the specialist said that one of the advantages of masturbation is that it helps release endorphins, a product of orgasm satisfaction. “Along with oxytocin and vasopressin, they are chemicals associated with sleep. It also provides dopamine, which is associated with a strong feeling of well-being.”he pointed.

Masturbation day: how many times a person masturbates a week

The average masturbation of a person is close to three times per week, although the numbers vary between men and women. A study conducted by the Appinio Market Research agency and the Behavioral Science Lab revealed that men masturbate 156 times a year, which translates to three times a week.

While women masturbate 3-5 times a weekaccording to a study conducted by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) of Indiana University, United States.

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Masturbation day: what can happen to you if you masturbate every day

There are many myths about the frequency of masturbation, although studies show that there are only two side effects that can appear in men:

  • loss of sexual sensitivity: If a man masturbates every day in a very aggressive way, they may experience a loss of sensation in the penis.
  • Premature ejaculation: masturbating every day in a fast way can cause the male reproductive organ to get used to such masturbation.

The opinion of the specialists

“Masturbation doesn’t hurt. Nor does it interfere in relationships with other people, they are two parallel things”, the sexologist and psychologist at the Hospital de Clínicas explained to Con Bienestar, Viviana Wapnarsky (MN 24,433). “Everyone can masturbate as they want, there are no rules here. It serves to give us clues and teach us what we like, how to excite us and that is what triggers our orgasms ”, he pointed out in this regard.

For its part, Walter Ghedin (MN 74,794), a psychiatrist and sexologist, told Con Bienestar that masturbation “is the first of the sexual practices that appears in the development of men and women and its function is the discovery of the erogenous body, the activation of sexual fantasies and favor the appearance of the orgasmic response”.

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In this sense, the specialist specified that it is an intimate behavior and his pleasure is linked to the private act. “The pleasure that masturbation brings It is not better or worse, but it is different in relation to having sex with another person. And this difference is given by the most intimate connection with oneself: anxiety is reduced and there is no pressure to be in sync with the other to reach orgasm. The connection with the fantasies creates an imaginary world that it can be modified to taste and piaccere”.

Regarding female masturbation, Ghedin explained: “In women it is a practice that it helps to overcome modesty and fears regarding one’s own body”. One aspect that benefits women is that it promotes lubrication and reduces vaginal dryness. “It’s always good to explore yourself, accept yourself, give yourself time, look for fantasies, memories of a partner, find what things arouse our desire,” Wapñarsky suggested for his part.

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Meanwhile, Ghedin specified that testosterone is a hormone that has its daily cycle of secretion: it drops in the morning and increases in the afternoon: “Therefore, the physical and sexual activities that are carried out in that time slot (afternoon/ night), they will have a greater amount of testosterone in the blood. Similarly, this hormone is slightly increased when you have sexual fantasies, during masturbation or sexual intercourse. There are studies that reveal that ejaculation does not lower testosterone levels as might be thought. Abstinence from sex for a week has been shown to markedly increase hormone levels.”

Finally, the sexologist revealed that in competitive sports the stress caused by training and participating in sporting events is added. “Anxiety can cause dysfunctions in erection and ejaculation. For this reason, it is suggested that the athlete not have absolute abstinence, but rather have some sexual activity prior to sports competition. Those athletes who claim to masturbate daily would not obtain benefits due to a notorious increase in testosterone, but yes due to the decrease in anxiety caused by competing”, he concluded.

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