Xenia with X turned a sponge cake into a cake.

Holiswrote Xenia with X in one of his stories. And it is that the announcer did it again and shared a new chapter of the cake: decorated it and turned into cake.

The voice of 100.9 already had generated controversy when he tried to unmold a sponge cake using a knife: He succeeded but his followers warned him that over time it will stick to him because he is ruining the mold.

After #moldegate He decided buy a removable mold and calmed the anxiety of his followers.

This time, he left the mold debate to start the Biscuit: in a very short time, “for tonight”, decorated it as a cake.

“Noo, again”joked and added: “if they got intense only with the sponge cake, I don’t want to imagine now with the decoration”.

The driver had a “very long” day and that is why she has been “a little lost”justified. Among the things that remained to be donewas also included the cake: for tonight, “that is already”.

“The thread technique never fails”, he claimed. And it is that she cut the cake with a thread and the layers were very even. He consulted his followers and they use the technique, but most choose to cut them with a knife.

Xenia with X reached the goal: ended from today to today. The filling is very Argentine: dulce de leche. And the decoration?

The announcer chose to decorate the round cake with lots of cream and cocoa on topa combination that does not fail.

Xenia with X turned a sponge cake into a cake. (Instagram/)

China was able to finish the challenge that was proposed and left #moldegate behind. What will be the next chapter of the cake?

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