Xi Jinping and Macron for “a rapid ceasefire” in Ukraine

The Chinese and French presidents spoke by telephone on Tuesday, May 10, and discussed the situation in Ukraine, calling for a ceasefire “fast”, indicates the South China Morning Post. The two Heads of State consider that “all parties involved must support the return to peace between Russia and Ukraine through negotiations”, according to the official agency Xinhua.

The Hong Kong daily stresses, for its part, the content of the French press release, according to which the two parties “reaffirmed their commitment to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”.

Xi Jinping insisted on the need for Europe to take charge of its own security – a thinly veiled criticism of American influence on the continent, comments the daily. Similar remarks had been made by the Chinese president during an interview the previous day with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Through the voice of its president, China expressed its fears by highlighting the risk of seeing new alliance blocs formed, thanks to the clashes in Ukraine:

“We must be particularly vigilant about the formation of a confrontation between blocs, which poses a greater and more lasting threat to global security and stability.”

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