provided by China Media Corporation

provided by China Media Corporation

On October 15, 2001, Xi Zhongxun’s 88th birthday, Xi Jinping, who at the time was head of the administration of Fujian Province, was unable to attend the celebration due to being very busy and addressed a letter to his father.

In the message, Xi Jinping spoke of his attachment to his parents, mentioning “high moral qualities inherited from his father.”

“Whether during the years of the White Terror or the period of the ultra-left, no matter whether you suffered from a false accusation or got into trouble, a bright light always burns in your heart, and you always stick to the right direction,” the Chinese president wrote.

“You influence the people around you with immense love, working diligently and selflessly, which also encourages me to devote all my strength to serving beautiful China and the Chinese people that raised me,” Xi Jinping said.

For Xi Jinping, “family is the first class of life, and parents are the first teachers of children.” It was in this “class” that Xi Jinping received from his parents a valuable upbringing and qualities that he carried throughout his life.

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