Sea of ​​the Silver.

Martínez commented that among the most chosen destinations are “Tandil, Chascomús, Junín, and Carhué, come to the front due to their nature” and highlighted that the tickets to Mar del Plata by train are sold out for this whole weekend.



However, he referred to alumni trips which allowed to resume Pre-trip program and about it he said: “The vast majority of the boys who traveled between the months of April and now that this stage is ending are young people who could not go last year for economic reasons. It is a program that equalizes rights, allows access to a trip of graduates to those who had not had the opportunity.

Alumni trip.jpg

On the other hand, he spoke about the economic recovery after the pandemic and stated that “for the province, tourism is the fifth activity in generation of gross product and it has a lot to do with revival and boost that had all the activity. Now promoting and trying to keep tourists choosing the province.”

Inquired about the “Peoples of the Interior” program He assured that “it has as its main protagonist a town with less than 2,000 inhabitants. There are more than 1,000 local festivals and events per year.”

Lastly, Martínez invited people to visit the APP Recreation in the Province to obtain more information about the tourist destinations and festivities offered by the Province of Buenos Aires.

“This weekend there are regional festivals in several towns that have an impact at the local level, on providers, artisans and producers. Tourism reactivates everything and the festivals are a great example”complete.

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