Yanina Latorre responded to Diego Brancatelli after the crossing for his trip to the World Cup: "How much straw tail!"
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Journalist Diego Brancatelli was in the news in recent days for various issues: his confrontation with the influencers santi marateathe health problems that it entails and finally, he starred in a tough crossover with Yanina Latorrepanelist of the program THE M, who accused him of having to move to the neighboring country of Uruguay to travel to Qatarbecause in the Argentine airport it would be missed by the other passengers.

In the program Argenzuelawhich is emitted by the C5N signal, brancatelliwho is part of staff of the program with the driver Jorge Rialcharged harshly before the wife of Diego Latorre for his statements, which he believes are unfounded and threatened to reveal intimate information about the famous if the accusation escalated in the media: “You have to have a small mind to reason like this, mix everything”, he slipped.

As a result of this, Ángel de Brito, conductor of THE M (America), showed the tape on the air and Towerfaithful to his shocking style and without mincing words, charged hard against the journalist and leader of the Ituzaingó club: “First, I love giving them a theme for the program, I must be very important for them to dedicate so much time to me. I never assured that you were in Qatar, I said that you had to go via Uruguay because if you weren’t they were going to disown you. It is opinion, I did not report it, I did not assert it. How much straw tail! If I go to the World Cup and they question me, I wouldn’t answer”.

Emboldened by the accusations and the dissemination of her statements against her image, Tower continued: “I always said that I was good as a panelist for intractablenot as a sports journalist. I think they take it as a Kirchnerist, but it is an opinion that I have. I never assured, nor am I misinformed”.

To argue his statements about the distrust he has of Brancatelli, he added: “Other people are not asked for explanations, on Twitter they ask him for explanations. Everyone mistrusts him. I would not explain how many installments I paid, because I am honest”.

In addition to what happened to Yanina Latorrethe journalist was in the news a few days ago for a similar situation with Santiago Marateathe recognized influencerswho accused him through Twitter about the origin of those who contribute financially to their solidarity causes.

Santi Manotea. A crack. The problem is those who contribute“, Shooting brancatelli, who not only involved him, but also the people who are involved in his solidarity movements. From this, and with the importance of its publication, maratea returned heavy ammunition: “Branca, friend, you live off the state and with the money you steal you can’t even start a business that will melt because you are destined to fail. The greatest success of your career is that I reply to this tweet”he remarked, in a crossfire that continued for several days.


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