Years later, a mother found her child, who thought she was dead

In 1997, the mother’s house with three children caught fire, successfully evacuating her two older children, returning to the house for her youngest baby, Delimar, who was still new at the time, but was unable to find her due to her injuries and plenty of smoke. Detectives eventually said the 10-day-old baby was probably burning inside the house.

THE Blikk according to her report, her mother, Luz Cuevas, was invited to a birthday party in 2003, where she noticed a six-year-old girl named Aliyah among the children who she thought was very similar to her and her own children. She also called the little girl there, on the pretext that a chew had stuck in her hair and would help her take it out. So Mom was able to get the little girl a few hairs.

The hairs were subjected to a DNA test, which found that Aliyah was the little girl she thought was dead. The results indicted Carolyn Correa, a woman who introduced herself as the girl’s mother.

It was later revealed that the woman had visited the family on the day of the fire and then, referring to the bag she had left there, went back, picked up the newborn and set the family house on fire. Carolyn Correa could have done all this because she could not mentally process that her own child was stillborn. Probably because of that, he was able to kidnap the little girl he had raised for years. The woman was eventually sentenced to thirty years in prison.

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