“You are going to be a godmother, we are going to have a baby”: the last sentence of the Paraguayan prosecutor murdered a friend

In one of the last talks that Marcelo Pucci, the Paraguayan prosecutor specialized in drug trafficking, had with his colleague and friend the attorney general Sandra Quiñónez, gave him good news: “You are going to be a godmother, we are going to have a baby.” Today, the head of the Public Ministry, in a press conference, lamented the assassination of the official, who yesterday was attacked by assassins while enjoying his honeymoon on a Caribbean island with his wife.

“A Marcelo I will carry it forever in my heart. A man of integrity, a fighter, a thoroughgoing prosecutor. Marcelo left us today because cowardly hands have ended his life, but not his legacy that will continue to mark this institution. He leaves us the legacy of his honesty”, she said moved Quinonez.

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The official, who said she was a personal friend of Pecci, said that on the day of the wedding, before going on their honeymoon, the prosecutor had told her that I was very happy because I would be a father. “With great joy, in a last hug, when we say goodbye, he tells me: ‘Sandra, I inform you that you are going to be a godmother, we are going to have a baby,'” she commented.

On the other hand, Quiñónez announced the formation of an international team to clarify the attack, the newspaper reported . The Paraguayan Police and Public Ministry, the Colombian police and the United States Department of International Justice will be part of the group assigned to the investigations.

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Due to the death of the prosecutor, the Public Ministry declared three days of official mourningfrom today, and in the institution the flags will be hoisted at half-staff and no celebrations will be held.

The murder and a possible suspect

The Paraguayan prosecutor specializing in the fight against drugs, Pecci, was shot dead on Tuesday on a Caribbean island near the city of Cartagena where he spent his honeymoon with his wife, the journalist claudia aguilerawhom he had married on April 30.

Pecci was attacked in the island of Barú, where they were staying, when he was on the beach. According to Aguilera said, two men in a boat approached him and shot without saying a word.

In the middle of the cause who would be one of the assassins who shot the prosecutor. Investigators are drawing a line from the time of the homicide to the drain of the two men. In addition, they analyze from where the boat arrived on the island and the point at which they could arrive after committing the crime.

For those who give accurate information about the suspect, a reward of 2 billion Colombian pesos was launched, about 500 thousand dollars.

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