You can also spin strange bamboo boats in the city

No one in the crowd rushing towards the huge tent set up in the parking lot of Biodom had remembered that a week ago the performance seemed to be in jeopardy because a ship carrying the props, sets and instruments of the performance was stuck in the port of Hamburg. About thirty artists had already arrived from Vietnam, but they were only able to bring some of the props and musical instruments by air.

The crisis team decided to collect the necessary supplies from all the locations in Europe: Vietnamese bamboo boats arrived from the Theater-Sénart in Paris, six-meter-long bamboo poles from Pécs, carpets from Dorog and Tatabánya, bucksongs from Mátészalka, make-up tables and a cassette tape recorder was acquired.

And all this appeared and gained meaning in the performance, which is a unique blend of bamboo circus, acrobatics, contemporary and theatrical visual arts, and which reflects the beauties, cultural richness, traditions and rapidly expanding urbanization and differences of Vietnamese rural life. , presents an exciting transformation and merger.

In the first half of the performance, images of rural, traditional life really came to life, though the characteristic, round-shaped bamboo boats and similarly shaped but smaller bowls were already props for virtuoso stunts. However, even among the acrobatic elements, the fishing lifestyle, the slow, catchy, rural romance, and the humor related to agriculture and animal husbandry emerged.

In the second half of the production, in addition to the percussion instruments, the pounding music also appeared – you can, of course, knock in the small apartments, but then the lower neighbor knocks with an even bigger bar. However, the music on the street doesn’t bother anyone, and acrobatic dexterity is also a must for break dancing and table tennis.

And the Vietnamese are just as diligent in factory work as they are in fishing – the long bamboo bars will now be a conveyor belt, and the small bowls will be rolled down from the ribbons.

However, it also turns out that bamboo boats “work” in the city: they are already battered, perforated, losing their original function, but the ingenious Vietnamese people can make beautiful spins out of it, as well as the small shattered bowls, which became the props of the floating girls in the air.

The Hungarian audience celebrated the lovable production of Vietnamese artists, performed with a lot of humor and kindness, with a loud ovation. One of the most charming scenes was when one of the ladies walked around the rows of chairs with a loud offer and handed out delicacies packed in a bag from her bamboo bowl, but the audience also really enjoyed having to help the ping pong parties split into two camps with loud encouragement. The blend of Asian and European circus art has found its way into the hearts of Hungarian audiences.

(Cover image: AO Show. Photo: Ábám Urbán / Fővárosi Nagycirkusz)

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