The sign that the car attendant left on the woman's windshield and sparked controversy.  (Photo: courtesy Context)

A valet left a sign on the windshield for a woman who left without paying: “Try to collaborate with your many parking lots, that you have a 0 km”. She, outraged by the situation, shared a photo of the banner on social networks and sparked controversy. It happened in Alta Gracia, Cordova.

The incident happened on Wednesday in the center of that city, when a neighbor left her vehicle parked in the place where the “rag” was located, according to what local media reported. Nevertheless, decided not to leave him any tip.

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The sign that the car attendant left on the woman’s windshield and sparked controversy. (Photo: courtesy Context)

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The driver of the vehicle showed “outraged by the intimidating manner” in which the man was handled and considered that it was necessary for the case to be known.

It should be noted that, unlike what governs in Córdoba Capital, in Alta Gracia There is no legislation in this regard and there are no duly authorized car attendants. Although there were several Municipal Projects to regulate parking in that city, currently the payment is totally voluntary.

The poster caused controversy.

From the moment it went viral, the story sparked a lot of controversy on social media. There were those who considered that it’s fair to leave a tip and others that they were againstacknowledging that paying for parking “is not mandatory”.

On the other hand, different people went out to the intersection against the driver. “It is true that it is not mandatory to pay and they cannot charge you what they want, but what they ask is to collaborate Mrs, you have to put yourself in the place of the other”, wrote a netizen.

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In this sense, another posted: “From what the note says, this lady always parks where she wants, but she does not leave even 20 pesos, it’s not like that either”.

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