"You have discredited the surname so much": Niurka ends Frida Sofía

Mexico City.- Recently, the relationship between Alejandra Guzman and Frida Sofía got rough again, this after the leak of some audios in which the singer assures that she will remove her daughter from the inheritance, after all the statements she has made against her grandfather.

And as expected, several celebrities have already spoken about this scandal that once again tarnishes the name of the Pinal dynasty, one of them was the controversial Niurka Marcos who did not remain silent before the questions of the media.

After various media outlets replicated the information, during a meeting with the press the vedette and actress offered her statement regarding the issue of Alejandra and Frida, attacking the young woman, since she assured that she had dishonored the Guzmán surname.

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It seems very good to me, well, it has discredited both the surname and the mother and all that we already know. She (Alejandra Guzmán) can do with her money whatever she wants, “she began.

The Cuban who is close to isolating herself to participate in the second season of the Telemundo reality show, “La Casa de los Famosos”, explained that she has already frida sofia She is an independent woman who can fend for herself, so the issue of inheritance should not worry her too much, since she is no longer able to depend on anyone, in addition to having hurt her own family.

The Cuban vedette assures that she deserves to be left out of the legacy of ‘La Guzmán’. Photo: Special.

The lady is now an adult and can now work and resolve her life. Well deserved, bite the hand that feeds you,” she continued.

Let us remember that, at another point in the family dispute, the dancer also ranted against Frida for which she asked him to avoid talking about her, however, Niurka He ignored the request of the daughter of the interpreter of “Bad grass”.

Regarding the will of “La Guzmán” in which the name of Frida Sofía was supposedly already withdrawn, different rumors indicate that the main reason why this decision was made was because the Pinal family rejected the attitude that the young woman had. influencer denouncing his grandfather, Enrique Guzman abuse of course.

“That the two departments put them in my name completely and nothing happens, I am the sole owner, that is, put the other two in my name and in case something happens, I put Apolo. I want to make a will and I’m going to leave everything to Apolo, it’s worth it… so I’d also like to do it, if I have to do it on the internet, or whatever, if that can be brought forward “, can be heard in the filtered audios.

The Cuban ranted against Frida so she asked him to avoid talking about her. Photo: Special.

Given the situation, the granddaughter of Silvia Pinal He spoke in front of the cameras of the El Gordo y la Flaca program to ensure that he was unaware of his mother’s statements, however, he also pointed out that she was very calm, since she revealed that she is a partner of the interpreter of “Queen of Hearts” so that your property cannot be lost if it is left out of the inheritance.

I haven’t talked to Alejandra for years, I really don’t know what to tell you, but I don’t know anything about what you’re telling me. I know that she had her company but she cannot (sell the apartment) without my consent. We are partners, we are 50/50 ″, she concluded.

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