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“Bicycle-powered Christmas lighting in II. district – the Christmas lighting in the Mechwart grove is built and operated in the spirit of sustainability,” writes Gergely Őrsi on his Facebook page, where he also shared a video about the bicycle-powered lighting.

We have already reported that this year the II. district, but of course creating the Christmas atmosphere cannot be missed this year either. We promised then that we would try to create a Christmas atmosphere in an alternative way. One of the first steps in this is the new Christmas decoration and lighting of the Mechwart grove, where one of the most important aspects was sustainability

– explained II. the mayor of the district, adding: this time there will not be a cut tree in the middle of the park, but a Christmas installation, and on the other hand, some of the lighting and light sources are powered by renewable energy.

Several string lights are powered by solar panels, and there is also a part of the space that only lights up “if we quickly wind the bikes that provide the energy.”

Gergely Őrsi also said that the subsidies provided to the needy were increased from the amount intended for decorative lighting, as well as overhead subsidies are provided to their employees who do not work in a senior position and are in a more difficult situation based on their income. There will be no Christmas decorations in Budapest, the capital will save 28 million this way – we wrote in our previous article.