Young man was riding his 'bakery' bike in León and a motorcyclist shot him in the face

Leon, Guanajuato While traveling on a bicycle, a man was shot to death in the Santa María del Granjeno neighborhood.

Until now, the identity of the 29-year-old victim suffered impacts to the face and chest; She was wearing a blue shirt, black pants and brown boots.

The attack occurred minutes after 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday. on Alfredo Valadez Avenue, almost on the corner of Mar de Java Street.

Witnesses and some tenants commented that they only observed that the victim was riding his ‘baker’-type bicycle on Alfredo Valadez avenue.

He shot him several times and then they ran away

meters before reaching the Java Sea Street, They say that two men who were traveling on a black motorcycle approached him.

Without saying a word, the co-pilot pulled out a firearm and repeatedly shot the cyclist.

This caused him to fall from the bicycle and his body will be next to the left tire of a silver vehicle that was parked and those responsible fled.

Witnesses called the emergency number 911 and a few minutes later paramedics arrived.

When the emergency bodies checked the cyclist, they found that he no longer had vital signs.

The area was cordoned off and delimited by police and municipal traffic to prevent the passage of people. Soldiers of the Mexican Army They helped secure the area.

Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office They are already doing research in the area.

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