Zelensky ready to consider “non-military means” to recover Crimea
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In interview given to the British daily Financial Times (FT) published on November 24, President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Russia’s new strategy to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure would not weaken the country’s resolve to liberate all of its occupied lands, including Crimea.

Speaking in the aftermath of the latest massive Russian strike on 23 November which plunged millions of Ukrainians into darkness and deprived Kyiv residents of drinking water, the Ukrainian head of state paid tribute to all those who are working hard to restore the functioning of these vital structures, including nuclear power plants that have been shut down for safety reasons. “The state defended itself superbly”, he said, describing the conflict between his country and Russia as a “war of endurance and resilience” which will be won by whoever “will remain the strongest”.

For him, the recent attacks on civilian infrastructure are also a sign that “Moscow had no intention of negotiating an end to the war”.


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