Zelensky says Kiev is winning the information battle
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The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, highlighted, this Friday, that his country managed to impose itself on Russia in the battlefield of information, despite the military potential of its opponent in the ongoing war in Ukrainian territory.

“I think we have traveled this path very well. We are not finished yet, but we managed to be listened to. The information in our hands began to be a powerful weapon”, said the Ukrainian head of state, in a videoconference conversation with Irish students.

In that sense, Zelensky underlined that, “although Russia has more weapons on the battlefield”, Kiev managed to overcome Moscow “in the information space”, indicated the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

During his speech, the Ukrainian President criticized Russian “propaganda”, and referred to the recent sanctions imposed by the Kremlin (Russian Presidency) on about 50 politicians in the country.

“The restrictions imposed by Russia don’t particularly affect anything. It’s just another propaganda technique so they can lie on Russian television, as if Russia is capable of doing something in diplomacy,” he said.

At the same time, he also criticized the Russian signature in the joint declaration of the countries that participated in the last G20 summit (group of the world’s largest economies) that took place in Bali, Indonesia, for “violating most of the principles” that it promises to fulfill.

Zelensky also pointed out that Russia mobilizes all its resources for the war and has become “the largest terrorist state in history”, while claiming to be a defender of “International Law” or stating that it is ensuring measures to guarantee energy stability. .

On this last point, Zelensky recalled that Moscow has launched missiles against power plants and gas production in Ukraine.

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