Zelensky says that Ukraine will overcome everything: “We will survive.  Overcome"
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Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskydeclared today in a video message on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom that the Ukrainian people will win and preserve their freedom and independence.

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“We will get through it all. We will survive. Overcome”said the president, who added: “We can run out of money, without gas, without hot water, without electricity, but not without freedom, and that hasn’t changed.”

He added that Ukrainians have paid and continue to pay “a very high price for freedom.”

He stated that the whole world has seen the kind of people Ukrainians are, “ready to give the last”, “ready to endure until the end”.

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“They did not lose their dignity. the bravery Faith in themselves. And they joined. In order not to lose freedom. In order not to lose independence. In order not to lose Ukraine”he added.

He stressed that “inveterate fighters” are joined by musicians, actors, Olympic champions, computer scientists, scientists, businessmen, “hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who did not get on the plane, but stood in line at the military registration and enlistment office” and “ side by side” defended the dream of “a free Ukraine forever”.

“Everyone has seen what kind of citizens we have,” from doctors, firefighters, rescue workers, railway workers, energy workers and farmers, from “volunteers and caring people” and from children, he added.

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He pointed out that although a lot is currently changing in the country, in Europe and in the rest of the world, Ukrainians continue to uphold the values ​​of dignity and freedom.

“Some things do not change. This is the answer to the question of who we Ukrainians are and what is the most important thing for us”said.

Dignity and freedom are “two values, inextricably intertwined”, he added, “like the right and left banks of the Dnipro”, “like the blue and yellow colors” of the flag, “like Chubynskyi’s lyrics and Verbytskyi’s music from the hymn of Ukraine, “Like two threads of a pattern on a vyshyvanka”, -the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt-, where the genetic code of Ukrainians is encrypted, he said.

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