Zeman will participate in the V4 summit in Bratislava in October
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The meeting of heads of state is organized by Slovakia as part of its presidency of the Visegrad countries. Their meeting takes place once a year, always in the fall. Next year it will take place in the Czech Republic, which will take over the V4 presidency from Slovakia.

The upcoming meeting will be divided into two blocks, separated by a working lunch. According to Jindrák, the presidents will discuss two main topics, namely the current security situation in connection with the war in Ukraine and issues related to energy. Jindrák noted that the selected agenda corresponds to the importance and attention that all member countries pay to the given topics.

The meeting of the V4 heads of state is the first such high-level meeting of Visegrad representatives since the beginning of Russian aggression in Ukraine. “It is a good opportunity to exchange views on the events in Ukraine. And there will certainly be an interesting discussion with Hungarian President (Katalin) Nováková,” added Jindrák, referring to Hungary’s different view of the Ukrainian crisis in some aspects. While the Czechia, Poland and Slovakia are among the main countries supporting Ukraine, Hungary, for example, is restrained in anti-Russian sanctions.

Zeman will vote this year as a citizen of Lán, he had a house built there


For Zeman for the last time

According to Jindrák, it is possible that the politicians will discuss other current topics at the meeting and will also address the domestic political situation in individual countries. He also emphasized the symbolic level of the meeting, when the heads of state show citizens through the meeting that they are interested in the Visegrad cooperation format.

While the V4 summit in Bratislava in October will be the premiere for Nováková after she takes office in May, it will be the last day for Zeman. According to Jindrák, it will therefore be an opportunity to say goodbye to his presidential colleagues, as he does not plan to go to Poland or Hungary until the end of his term.

Zeman had to limit his foreign trips due to his health. After a stay in the hospital last year, he said doctors had forbidden him from taking long flights. According to Jindrák, it has not yet been decided whether he will fly to Bratislava or drive by car. It will depend on the opinion of the doctors.

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