Neymar was unlucky once again, who turned his ankle and left the stretcher from the match of Paris against Saint-Etienne, screaming in pain.

The injuries do not say to leave Neymar alone. And specifically the problems in the ankle, problems that have cost him several months of competitive action in his career. Once again, the Brazilian star was unlucky, after seven minutes before the final of Paris’s match against Saint-Etienne, he turned his ankle into an unsuspecting phase. Ney immediately fell to the ground in agony and moments later left on the stretcher, certainly raising concerns about the possibility of being knocked out again for a long time.

However, Mauricio Pochettino after the victory of the Parisians stated that there is optimism for his condition and it remains to be determined the exact size of the injury and his absence.

This is the fourth season in the last five years in which Neymar is injured in this way. In the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons he suffered a metatarsal fracture and returned after three months respectively, while last year he was out for a month (December – January).

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