(Twitter: @Nikgaturro)

The graphic humorist I posted a new drawing on Twitter calling for justice for Lucas Cancino, the adolescent murdered in Quilmes, accompanied by a strong claim to the Minister of Security Anibal Fernandez.

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After the crossing that he starred with the brand new owner of the security portfolio, and the intimidating message he received from him, I He sent a message again to “Mr. Minister ”, as he called it in the cartoon.

Justice for Lucas“, wrote. And he drew his character, Gaturro, crying over the poster addressed directly to Aníbal Fernández: “Mr. Minister, Security, Security, Security”.

(Twitter: @Nikgaturro)

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Lucas Cancino, the boy who was murdered in Quilmes to steal his bicycle

Lucas Cancino He was 17 years old, lived in Quilmes and dreamed of being a civil engineer.

Around 8 in the morning, he left his house like every morning, worse he was rebuked by a criminal who demanded that he hand over his new bicycle, which his mother had given him less than a month ago. Beyond giving it to him, he was stabbed in the chest and died minutes later.

The event shocked the entire neighborhood, where fear of insecurity grows and many neighbors are afraid to go out.

News in development.

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