Nikita Mikhalkov.

Nikita Mikhalkov.

Photo: Valery ZVONAREV

Nikita Mikhalkov gave a frank interview to the son of actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva, who ended her mundane life and went to a monastery. The famous director admitted that his children kissed his hands.

Nikita Mikhalkov, in a conversation with priest Dmitry Roshchin, revealed the details of his personal life. Earlier, the daughter of the master Anna shared how the children kiss their father’s hands. The son of Ekaterina Vasilyeva studied with the eldest heiress of the master at VGIK. “I remember, Anka told me when we were still studying at VGIK:” We have a tradition: kiss daddy’s hand before going to bed“. Was there such a tradition? “- asked the priest.

Mikhalkov confirmed that the daughters really did it. “When I baptized them at night. It was not just a drunk dad sitting in an armchair, but they were kissing his hands. It was not so – such an idiot … No, they kissed his hand when I baptized them at night. I also kissed you. hand, by the way! I’m not complaining, “- said the director on the air of the YouTube channel” 153gory.

Nikita Sergeevich admitted that his upbringing was tough enough… He remembered how his mother told him: “You can think of me whatever you want, but don’t dare say anything.” We never had this “love”, although I probably wanted to, and I also wanted to. But this never It was! From early childhood, the treatment was serious. “What do you want to ask? Well, tell me …” You felt respect for yourself that they talk to you like that. The father talked to the children as an equal. “

The Oscar winner for Burnt by the Sun thinks this upbringing is right. “My mom said:” You need to educate while lying across the bed. Lay down along – it’s already late. ” stick to textbooks. The point is to give warmly and not hu-hu. I brought up the children according to the tradition of the family in which I was brought up. Lying was punished very seriously“, – said the director, as he cut it off.

The archpriest asked his interlocutor a direct question: “Have you whipped your children?”

“Yes!” – admitted the father of many children. From his first marriage with Anastasia Vertinskaya, he has a son, Stepan. In an alliance with his wife Tatyana, Anna, Artem and Nadezhda were born.

“You had very ascetic children’s rooms. I was directly struck: a chair, a table … Yes, we live this way. Was it deliberately done? Everything is strict enough. I mean not harshly, not evil, but strictly,” the archpriest noted.

The director clarified that, despite the material resources, he really raised the children in severity and asceticism. He also said that he hated more than anything in the world. “Envy. I believe that envy is the basis of everything terrible and sinful. It would seem that it is an everyday thing. But the Savior was crucified because of envy. Envy generates terrible human actions,” Mikhalkov is sure.

As Nikita Sergeevich noted, envy is terrible because an envious person often does not admit that he is jealous. “He will be sure that it is necessary, so fair. I do not feel envy,” summed up the master, who is not used to complaining about anything.

By the way, recently fans are very worried about the star. The fact is that he is still experiencing health problems. “I have a very serious recovery, a crack in the bone and an infection. They changed the hip joint and brought it in. After that, there were seven operations and 39 hours of anesthesia,” Mikhalkov shared.

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