Nikola Jokic is one of the most underrated MVPs

As much as he received the award for Most valuable Player from the previous season, it is believed that Nikola Jokic is not so valued around the NBA as it should.

Although he maintains the numbers in this campaign, now he is not among the main candidates to defend his throne as the MVP.

For his coach on the Nuggets, Michael Malone, Jokic has “consistency” as his greatest ally.

“Perhaps he is not the most mediatic or the most attractive player, possibly he cannot be given the nickname of sexy. But if you are a true student of the game, a coach or someone who simply loves the game and is played in the right way, then you realize its true greatness and can value it as it deserves, “said Malone.

“You will not see him starring in the most spectacular plays, but his IQ on court, his way of passing, how he opens spaces on the court and that ability to create a game, make him a unique player,” added the coach of 50 years.

Malone assured that “if you open the dictionary and look up the word consistency, there should be a photo of Nikola there. He has been performing like a star for years and the more casualties we have and the more complicated our situation is, he continues at that level. I think he is one of the most underrated MVPs in all of NBA history in terms of the attention received. “

In the current season, Jokic continues to be the leader of the Nuggets that are sixth in the Western Conference with a record of 21 wins and 19 losses.

For his part, the Serbian maintains averages of 25.7 points, 14.1 rebounds and 7.0 assists.

Do you think Nikola Jokic is not recognized as it should be in the NBA?

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