Nikolay Rasskazov: Everything was decided by my mistake

– Everything was decided by my mistake – I missed the player, – says Rasskazov. – We had more moments than Legia. Unfortunately, an error in the 90th minute resulted in a goal. There was practically no time to improve.

What exactly happened?

Nikolay Rasskazov: I thought the ball was leaving, but the ball did not go over the line. I ran after the player, but it was already difficult to cover the distance. And in the end – a goal. It’s very simple … At that moment, when I thought that the ball would go away, I wanted to grab the ball and run quickly in a counterattack. In the end, everything ended with a goal against our goal.

Do you agree with what the fans chanted when they called the team “a disgrace”?

Nikolay Rasskazov: Those in the stands can express their opinions. We are always ready for contact. Our task is to go out and play. If the fans want to meet, they know exactly how to do it. The problem is big. Unfortunately, this is the result.

Former Spartak player Soslan Gatagov said that several players from your team told him that the pre-season training camp with Rui Vitoria was the easiest in their life. Can you confirm or deny this?

Nikolay Rasskazov: This is what outsiders say. I went through the training camp. They were great.

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