Nina Williams confirmed in Tekken 8: this is her gameplay trailer

Another of the most emblematic characters of the saga is confirmed in Tekken 8: Nina Williams comes to the game, and leaves us an impressive trailer with gameplay.

Tekken fans are in for a treat, as Nina has been confirmed to be coming to Tekken 8 . This has been announced by Bandai Namco, publishing a presentation trailer with gameplay of the deadly assassin. One of the essential names of the saga is confirmed. Below we leave you all the details and, of course, the video of rigor:

Nina confirmed in Tekken 8: gameplay video

This Sunday, February 5, Bandai Namco has published the reveal & gameplay trailer of Nina Williams , one of the most iconic characters in the Tekken saga, who is back in Tekken 8:

In the video we can see Nina in action , both her lead and intros for the fight as well as executing various combos and juggles . The most experienced fans of the saga will recognize several of her movements. And yes, Nina Williams can use her two pistols to give extra blows to extend or finish combos. She also uses both of her firearms on her finisher . Come on, this version of Nina is more lethal and decisive than ever.

Tekken 8 exclusive to the next gen: only on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X

Although it does not yet have a confirmed release date , something that is known is that Tekken 8 will be the most ambitious of the saga at a graphic level , which is no small feat. And this means that it will be a purely next-gen title , only available on PC and consoles of the new – or should we say “current”? – generation: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Our colleague Salva Fernández interviewed Katsuhiro Harada himself, father of the saga, who gave him several clues about this new installment in December last year . Among them, the return of Jun Kazama , the playable mechanics that he will have with respect to Tekken 7, and the business model that the game will follow.

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