Nine Diablos Rojos players present in the final of the LMP

Nine players from the Red Devils of Mexico are part of the leading teams in the Final Series of the Mexican Pacific League (LMP), Tomateros de Culiacán Y Charros from Jalisco.

Five pitchers and four field players from the ‘Scarlet Gang’ They are with these squads, and they could see action starting this Friday, January 14, when the confrontation begins in Jalisco to define the winter ball champion.

Scarlet Pitchers are Roberto Osuna (closer) and Alemao Hernandez (reliever), both with the charro, and with Tomateros this Sasagi Sánchez (reliever) and Edgar Torres (starting pitcher), who was selected as the second option in the Reinforcement Draft of the LMP for the Final Series. What’s more, Luis Ivan Rodriguez He is part of the icing squad, although he is off the roster.

For its part, the offense of both teams has scarlet power, since the Tomateros they present in their line up the gardener jesus fabella and third baseman Emmanuel Ávila, while in the Jalisco squad it has Japhet Amador, who can appear as first baseman or designated hitter. Similarly, Miguel Ojeda Jr is part of the ninth of the charro, although he is off the roster at the moment.

Tomateros de Culiacán
– Sasagi Sánchez (Pitcher)
– Emmanuel Ávila (Infielder)
– Jesus Fabela (Gardener)
– Luis Ivan Rodriguez (Pitcher)
– Edgar Torres (Pitcher)*

Charros from Jalisco
– Roberto Osuna (Pitcher)
– Alemao Hernandez (Pitcher)
– Japhet Amador (Infielder)
– Miguel Ojeda jr (Catcher)
*He was chosen as the second reinforcement in the Draft


So far in these playoffs, Osuna has accumulated four saves, in addition to having a victory that is accompanied by a 2.92 ERA. Sasagi He has six appearances with a 3.60 ERA. For its part, German he has participated in nine games, in which he has allowed six runs.

Regarding the subject of Édgar Torres, it will be this Friday morning when it is confirmed if the Tomateros will add him to the roster, since in the Reinforcements Draft two players are chosen but they can only register one of them .

For its part, Japhet Amador He is the LMP leader in home runs this postseason thanks to his four homers, adding nine RBIs and seven runs scored. As for Avila, he has hit 13 hits in 10 games, with four RBIs and two runs scored. Fabela is hitting .316 with six hits in seven games, has scored six times and has four RBIs.

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