Nine police officers delayed after the death of a detainee at a San Clemente del Tuyú police station

Nine Buenos Aires police were delayed this Saturday after the death of a detainee at the 3rd Police Station of San Clemente del Tuyú, amid the commotion after the crime of Lucas Gonzalez at the hands of the City Police.

It is about a man who would have been arrested for causing damage to a hotel. The detained agents participated in the entire procedure between the arrest, transfer and entry to the cell, as confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Security of the Province a TN.

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According to the first information, the episode occurred between Wednesday and Thursday, and the victim would be a person who was arrested three times in the last week. Informants commented that the most recent was for acts of vandalism.

Death in a San Clemente del Tuyú police station: preliminary results of the autopsy speak of suffocation

“In principle (the victim), he was in a high psychomotor state and supposedly under the influence of drugs “, the sources maintained. “Exalted, he began to destroy the hotel room and, before the complaints, the police went to arrest him,” they added.

The preliminary results of the autopsy carried out by the General Procuratorate of the Province on the body determined that the detainee died of mechanical suffocation.

After obtaining this confirmation, the 11th Prosecutor’s Office in Dolores ordered the arrest of nine policemen and 11 raids that were carried out by the Homicide Office of the Federal Police.

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Nine policemen arrested for a death at the police station amid the commotion over the crime of Lucas González

The three policemen accused of shooting and killing Lucas Gonzalez were delivered this Saturday afternoon. They did it after the judge who intervenes in the case, Martin del Viso, order your immediate arrest.

This Saturday Justice raided their homes and the detainees were transferred to the headquarters of the Superintendency of Investigations of the Federal police on Villa Lugano.

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As he was able to find out TN, prosecutors will indict officers for doubly aggravated homicide because of their status as members of a security force and treachery (due to the defenseless state of the boys who were traveling in the shot car).

The arrested police officers would be investigated between Sunday and Monday, and to the analysis Dermotest to detect residues of gunpowder in your hands will be carried out by experts from Gendarmerie.

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