At the beginning of November, Ninel Conde, recognized in Latin America for her role in ‘Rebelde’, sought a judicial truce with her former Giovanni Medina to be able to see her son Emmanuel, whose full custody is held by the businessman.

And after several weeks he succeeded, as revealed by Medina himself, who visited the studios of TV Azteca and spoke with the program ‘Ventaneando’, where he gave details about the arrangement for Conde, Alma Rey in ‘Rebelde’, to see Emmanuel again, almost 2 years of not being able to see him face to face.

“We are happy because, at the end of the day, we, when I talk about us, I mean Emmanuel and me, we want to lead a healthy life, a harmonious life. And part of a healthy circle is living with both parents ”, expressed Giovanni Medina ‘Ventaneando’ this Tuesday.

“I always pointed out that I was eager for that, but in the right conditions, there weren’t before; today there are. I have decided not to appeal this decision made by the authority because I consider it to be correct”Added the Mexican businessman.

According to Ninel Conde’s ex, conditions were determined that he accepted because he considered them safe and adequate, as “psychologists” present at the meeting between Ninel Conde and Emmanuel.

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“A coexistence has been dictated every 15 days, starting today; in a safe space, which is the house of Emmanuel and mine. For three hours … Here, what the authority tries is that we create the bond between mother and child, that that relationship is created. I also requested that there be the presence of a public authority. I have to be there, because I am the custodial parent and the meetings will be videotaped, ”he explained.

Giovanni Medina assured in ‘Ventaneando’ that He continues to be sued by Ninel Conde, for the crimes of moral damage, psycho-emotional damage and others. However, the Mexican businessman defended himself and attacked the ‘Rebelde’ actress:

“Unfortunately you have to work the land. My son does not have a memory of his mother taking him to school or his mother attending him at night. Ninel never gave up her priorities for being a mom. In social networks they recriminate him that he has been more of a woman than a mother”, He concluded.

Former Ninel Conde reveals that the actress saw her son Emmanuel again

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