Want y Ricky

2022 seems to be a great year for Mau and Ricky Montaner, since they started it in the best way: full of projects, goals achieved and successes. That included the launch of the song “No can be” with Eladio Carrión, a song that is now available on all digital platforms.

Throughout the week, the brothers Mau and Ricky were sharing segments of the theme as an advance on their social networks but finally the full version is now available on all video and music platforms.

Just one hour after the presentation, the children of Ricardo Montaner reached thousands of views: on YouTube, the official video clip exceeded 70 thousand views. The young people had stated that the Puerto Rican Eladio Carrión is their favorite artist of the moment and they showed their happiness when they finalized the collaboration.

According to Ricky on his Instagram account, the origin of the song is the result of one of his worst nightmares: that his girlfriend was breaking up with him and that it made him feel very sad, so he could not fall asleep again and began to write the letter. “I had a nightmare where my girlfriend had broken up with me. It hurted me. I couldn’t go back to sleep, I wrote him a song, “he revealed.

Mau and Ricky (GUIDO ADLER /)

The reaction of Mau and Ricky after the premiere of “It can not be”

The brothers celebrated through the duo’s official Intagram profile and shared some messages they received from their fans through stories. They also posted the part in which the musician Carrión makes his contribution and assured: “This is a movie” about the production of the clip.

“We make movies, not music videos. This is the most ambitious video we’ve made so far, “they revealed. The cut transits in an amusement park and combines scenes of Mau and Ricky in the games that transmits the sensation of adrenaline at all times. In addition, the performers will perform great performances by simulating the sadness of a love breakup.

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