No murder weapon, no witnesses and no camera images: rest house... (Anderlecht)

Anderlecht –

The Brussels court still has no idea who is behind the murder of 85-year-old Grazia O.. The woman was found dead in her room at the end of August in the Clos Bizet residential care center in Anderlecht. Her throat would have been cut. Still, no murder weapon has been found.

“The judicial investigation is still in full swing,” said Willemien Baert of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. “Several people have already been questioned. No witnesses have been identified and no images are available of the scene. The murder weapon has not yet been found.”

There is currently no question of a possible suspect. The court has already started the last possible avenue of investigation. It concerns the analysis of biological traces. “However, that analysis is taking time and the results are expected in the coming months.”

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