“No one will say that football is a man’s sport” | women’s soccer

Portugal will be at the Women’s Football World Cup next summer, and the fierce celebration and tears, after the victory against Cameroon, have already been interrupted for some reactions.

Antonio Costa, Prime Minister

“Historic! Portugal beats Cameroon and guarantees unprecedented qualification for the Women’s World Cup. Congratulations on the enormous achievement”

Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation

“All generations to come, I can say without any doubt, will always have as a reference the group that today gave prestige not only to the entire FPF, but to all football and national sport, as well as the country itself. Your dedication has fulfilled a dream of more than three decades and placed Portugal in the only final phase it had yet to play in its 108-year history.

At this time of success, I also send a special word to all the families who have helped to permanently transform mentalities. Today, in Portugal, no one will say that football is a sport for boys or men. By entrusting your daughters to national football, you made it possible for today to say that Portugal is going to the World Cup”.

Francisco Neto, national coach

“It was a day of some nerves, but, above all, a lot of emotions. It is an immense happiness, to be distributed among all Portuguese people and all the clubs that collaborate with these players.

I said there in the circle that this direction of the FPF had the audacity of a plan of objectives to put Portugal in the euro and in the world cup. We achieved this and we are very proud

Dolores Silva, player

“AND difficult express what we feel right now. fhey a work of several generations. We don’t have a good idea of greatness what we just did. We really deserve to be at the World Cup and make history for Portugal”

Patricia Morais, player

“It’s a dream. I still haven’t fallen into reality. It’s one of the highest levels. Now it’s time to celebrate today and tomorrow, without ever stopping. Portugal allez!”

Carole Costa, player

“It’s the happiest day of my life and it was the most important goal of my life”

Jessica Silva, player

“We ended up losing control a little bit, but that’s natural. It wasn’t a perfect game, perhaps the least achieved in this series.

This was written. I’m really happy, I don’t even know what to say. Each one has its story, but we dreamed a lot about this. It’s another dream come true.

Now it’s up to people to see us with eyes to see. We have a lot to give to women’s football.”

Tatiana Pinto, player

“This dream goes out to all the generations that passed through here and for all those that will still pass through. We are happy to be able to change the path of women’s football in Portugal”

Andreia Jacinto, player

“We’re at the Worlds and we’re all very happy. It’s one of the happiest days of my life, if not the happiest”.

Mónica Jorge, technical director of the national team

“Many generations have suffered to hold the boat of women’s football. They deserve it (…) they will bring about a change in this sporting culture. We will not stop here, always on the principles of parity and equality”

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