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Can a woman give birth without fear after suffering covid? Will her children be healthy? How will your sex life develop after this disease? This and much more will be discussed at the international forum on reproductive medicine, which will be held from 18 to 21 January in Moscow. Co-chairman of the Congress, Chief Gynecologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Academician Leila Adamyan says:

– No virus, no infection – and nothing at all – can and should not stop the natural process of the birth of a new person. And judging by the number of applications received for participation in our congress, it is the problem of the birth of a person that has been and will remain relevant forever. Now I am looking at the list of those wishing to take part in our congress: 52 international experts. From almost all countries in the world. They are leading specialists in the field of reproductive medicine and gynecology.

Yes, we have to pay tribute to the times: this time our forum is held online. Therefore, we talk about it a few days before the opening, so that everyone can contact our organizing committee (all the information is on the Internet) and be not only a listener, but also a participant in the forum. We are waiting for you all, regardless of whether you are an academician or a primary care physician. Your participation is very valuable to us.

The topics of the congress are extensive. Everyone will find a niche for their own participation. It is difficult to single out something especially from our agenda. There are no passing, unimportant topics. Time dictates priorities. Therefore, on the first day of the congress, the focus is on covid and reproductive health. The condition of children born during this period, childbirth outcomes, postcoid syndrome, rehabilitation of women who have undergone this severe infection. After all, it is already obvious that covid – especially in severe forms – does not pass without leaving a trace and affects all functions of the female body.

So far, there are more questions than answers. But scientists all over the world are now paying special attention to precisely these problems. Because they are, without exaggeration, the problems of our life, the problems of our future. Yes, on forums, even such representative ones as ours, no discoveries are made. But this is the most serious analysis of everything that has happened to all of us in the past two years, about what, possibly, will happen to us today, and tomorrow, and in a year. Are we looking to the future? Naturally. Since the future is the birth of a human being, no virus can stop it. The virus can be resisted. Life cannot be resisted.

I will note once again: man is not alive by one covid. And everyday life, everyday health of women is our main concern. Therefore, not only obstetricians and gynecologists participate in the congress, but also geneticists, immunologists, virologists, oncologists, surgeons, and robotic surgeons. Fundamental problems coexist with the elementary questions of the day. There will be twelve plenary sessions, six special master classes, a demonstration of the latest, including robotic surgery, all technologies for treating infertility and preserving the quality of life.

The modern forum on reproduction, of course, cannot do without attention to artificial intelligence, which is becoming a significant assistant to the physician. Artificial intelligence is coming to all areas of health and, perhaps, primarily reproductive, in the field of IVF. Some positions of fertility treatment need to be revised. Our congress is not only a contribution to science, it is also a contribution to the education of a modern doctor, and to the prevention of reproductive system disorders. Among the participants there are many new names and surnames, which are not only the largest authorities in this field, but also the creators of the most advanced directions in it.

Covid distracted from many problems. And the upcoming congress once again reminds us: problems do not go away, they require solutions and the most modern approach.

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