'Nómada' cycle closes with exhibition

Leon, Guanajuato. Twelve years ago, the group of friends made up of Thomas Castelazo, Maria de Lourdes Gómez Bulle, Pilar García Plasencia and Claudia VerdínThey went out every Sunday morning to hunt photos, went to breakfast and shared the images they had taken.

Thus was born NÓMADA Photographic Collective, that with more than 8 thousand members, close a stage with the exhibition “Photrospectives”, at Museum of the City of León, which during 10 years it gave space to the exhibitions of these photography lovers who changed the way of seeing this artistic expression in the city.

In this last exhibition they are housed 81 works from 53 exhibitors that they will be able to appreciate in the enclosure until January 2022.

When he grew up we saw that he could transcend elsewhere and we created a group on Facebook in which more and more people joined, many photo lovers, professionals and amateurs, to the extent that we got to gather around 8 thousand members ” , said Pilar.

Every year, the Museum of the City gave space to the exhibition that offers a free theme, since it seeks to be inclusive and that everyone can be integrated. To participate in the exhibition there is an open call and curatorship of experts so that the selection of the participating works is objective.

Thank Gerardo Party, director of the museum for giving photography a place because it was not appreciated as an art form and now they see us in a different way and opens the door to other groups that are active and for photographers who have started in this world ”, he expressed Pilar Garcia.

Tomás Castelazo stressed that inadvertently, what began as an outing with friends turned into a movement and became a way to share photography with other photographers.

The interesting thing about all this has been that we changed the way of taking photography for many people because we learn by sharing; those who know teach and those who do not know ask. There was an interesting dynamic of learning and mutual reinforcement ”, commented the founder.

For María Gómez, her life has a before and after photography and she shared feeling nostalgic to know that it is the last exhibition because it has been an exciting job in which each one has given themselves in their own way.

“It saved my life and not that I was dying, but it is one thing to be depressed shaking the pot and another thing to be in the street with the camera and one of the things that I am grateful for is the amount of friendships from the heart that have been made in this collective ”, he expressed.

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