Norwegian police officers at the scene of an emergency in Kongsberg.


The Norwegian police named the name of an archer who had killed five and wounded at least three residents of Kongsberg the day before.

37-year-old Espen Andersen Broten was born and lived most of his life there, but has a Danish passport thanks to his mother, who is also a citizen of the neighboring kingdom. Throughout his adult life, he has had mental problems, his neighbors say. Therefore, they always tried to stay away from this large man. His circle of contacts was very limited.

Judging by the fact that the police regularly visited his home, he was the local “usual suspect.” Those. the object of constant attention and police prevention, which turned out to be ineffective as a result. In 2017, after his post on YouTube about converting to Islam, the police suspected him of a penchant for radicalism, but in recent years they have not received confirmation of this.

In turn, the Norwegian security police PST (local counterintelligence) in a press release said that the massacre in Kongsberg is assessed as a terrorist act. Brautin’s motives are still unknown, but investigators hope to find out in the course of a psychological examination.

The level of terrorist threat in the country is assessed as high: the PST fears that yesterday’s event could provoke violent actions against the population of someone else. Therefore, the entire Norwegian police received an order to leave the service with service weapons (usually police do not wear them, with the exception of rapid response teams).


Terrorist attack in Norway: several people killed and wounded by archery

The police detained the suspect, but the crime scene – the center of Kongsberg – is still cordoned off (details)

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