Sliding Oppo X 2021. Jigsaw puzzles, beware.  Scrolling displays are worth it

There has long been speculation that Apple is working on its own flexible smartphone, which analysts say we should see in 2024 at the earliest. filed patents however, they show that Apple is exploring other technological solutions to make phones special. In it, Apple shows the concepts of phones with both flexible and double-curved or even scrolling displays.

The goal here is clear – to make a smartphone that adds more display space to the user for layout. While Apple is completely asleep with the folding design, the scrolling displays are still in their infancy – only Oppo has a functional concept and LG probably had it as well, but it was definitely over with the phones.

Scrolling displays could be more to Apple’s taste than today’s jigsaw puzzles. As is well known, an American company is very patient with design and details, and if it is to produce a joint with which it would be satisfied in all respects, it can take a relatively long time.

The folding phone on the display causes a slight but still visible bend. In addition, the company would avoid the main critical point that is most prone to wear, although today’s manufacturers promise long enough durability. On the other hand, the scrolling solution represents an even greater technological challenge, and the patent filed certainly does not necessarily mean that we will see such a device from Apple in the near future.

Oppo X scrolling concept:

Source: PhoneArena, US Patent Office

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