The Australian government ruling against Novak Djokovic (TN Pic).

Novak Djokovic, whose entry visa was canceled for the second time this Friday, will be questioned on Saturday morning by Australian immigration authorities, the newspaper reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

In principle, the Serbian tennis player would not be held again in the hotel where he was from January 6 when he arrived in the country and until last Monday when he was released by a judge, according to what Nick Wood, lawyer of Nole: “An Australian government attorney informed me that he does not intend to re-arrest my client tonight.” sentenced.

The lawyers are expected to defend Djokovic to the last breath against the decision of the Australian Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, to cancel his visa for the second time, which means his expulsion from the country being considered a risk for not being vaccinated against the Covid-19 and the possibility of being barred from entering the country for three years.

The Australian government ruling against Novak Djokovic (TN Pic).

But nevertheless, analysts predict that it will be difficult for them to be successful in reversing the cancellation, since they will have to show that there was a “formal error” or that the prohibition lacks legal basis.

The Australian Immigration Minister, Alex HawkeToday, he used the special powers that the law grants him to annul Djokovic’s visa for health and public order reasons, although the athlete can still appeal this decision to the courts.

“Today I have exercised my power under section 133C (3) of the Immigration Law to cancel the visa of Mr. Novak Djokovic based on sanitary reasons and the maintenance of order because it is in the public interest,” the minister said in a brief statement by remarking that he “carefully” weighed the information provided by all parties.

Djokovic traveled to Melbourne on 5 January with a medical exemption that allowed him to play in the Australian Open without being vaccinated, although later the immigration authorities canceled his visa and detained him until Monday a court ruling agreed with the tennis player.

In addition to not being vaccinated against Covid-19, the tennis player acknowledged errors and inconsistencies in the declaration to enter Australia, as well as an “error in judgment” by skipping isolation after contracting the disease in Serbia in December.

Djokovic He had declared upon arrival in the southern country that he had not traveled in the previous 14 days, But the truth is that he had moved from Serbia to Spain, while in his country of origin he granted an interview to a French media knowing that he was positive in coronavirus.

The tennis player He entered the Australian Open draw the day before, which will start on Monday, amid the uncertainty due to a new legal battle in the development of the tournament.

Djokovic was harshly criticized in Australia, which suffered severe restrictions due to the pandemic and where more than 77 percent of the population is vaccinated against covid-19.

Australia, which holds elections this year, is fighting a spike in cases from fewer than 2,000 infections a day in December to nearly 150,000 this week, amid shortages of products due to infections among essential workers.

The minute by minute of the hearing of the Novak Djokovic case held on Friday, January 14

7:00 The hearing of the Djokovic case began

Judge Anthony Kelly (who on Monday agreed with the athlete for the first cancellation of his entry permit) began his intervention by reviewing the history of the procedures that led up to this second cancellation of Djokovic’s visa.

7:02 Djokovic Case Hearing: the judge considered it urgent

Judge Kelly noted that in an urgent circumstance, if necessary, a party can file a request prior to the formal process that starts the court case. The court may be prepared to accept a commitment from the parties to file and deliver an affidavit displaying important documents as soon as possible.

7:05 The judge considered passing the case to the Federal Court

“While I have what appears to be an unappealable power to transfer this proceeding to another court, it is qualified by the requirement that the Australian Federal Court confirm the order I issue.” Judge Kelly resolved this item in a matter of minutes.

7:10 The judge spoke of a provisional order for Djokovic that would delay his deportation

The judge suggested that the parties reach an agreement and that this could lead to a brief provisional order until 4:00 pm on Saturday, January 15 (2 am Argentina time) to avoid the deportation of Djokovic. Even more so when the tennis player was summoned to an immigration interview.

7:15 Djokovic’s lawyer asked for an injunction against deportation

Nicholas Wood, Djokovic’s lawyer, asked the court for an injunction to prevent his deportation. He promised to submit a written request as soon as possible. I would do it in a few hours, before the end of Friday in Australia. It was set to do it before 22:15 Australian time (7:15 in Argentina). Wood worries about wasting time in the “extraordinary situation” that Djokovic finds himself in. He suggested that the case be kept in Federal Circuit Court to avoid wasting time transferring it to Federal Court.

7:25 Djokovic will not be detained again

Djokovic’s lawyer confirmed that the tennis player would not be detained. After speaking with a lawyer for the Australian Government Attorney, he informed him that he “does not intend to re-arrest my client tonight.” He confirmed the interview with immigration tomorrow. He proposes to present allegations this Saturday and that a hearing be held on Sunday to decide definitively on this case. “We are in this situation for the time that the minister has taken to make a decision,” says Nick Wood.

7.40 “A decision made by anti-vaccine sentiment”

Djokovic’s lawyer considered that the minister, in canceling Djokovic’s visa, was guided by a “potential growth of anti-vaccine sentiment” if Djokovic is allowed to remain in Australia. He claims that the minister did not consider the effect of forcing Djokovic to leave the country. “Djokovic is a person with medical contraindications for vaccination,” he said.

7.50 Djokovic will not be deported today

Stephen Lloyd, lawyer representing Minister Alex Hawke, assures that Djokovic will not be deported from the country until there is a firm decision and confirms that he will not be arrested tonight, as the tennis player’s lawyer advanced before. He affirms that Djokovic wants to go to the Immigration Ministry at 8:00 am (10:00 pm this Friday in Spain) and that he can be in contact with his lawyers if he needs it.

7.55 Judge Kelly considered that there are still matters to be resolved

Judge Kelly pointed out that it should be clarified if “Djokovic had a medical exemption, and if he had his declaration of travel to Australia already evaluated and he had been authorized to enter the country.”

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