Novavax vaccine is slated to be available on February 21

Corona vaccinations with the preparation from the US manufacturer Novavax are expected to start in Germany at the end of February. The first delivery of 1.75 million cans should be available from February 21, said German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) on Friday with reference to company information in Berlin. In Austria, a delivery date in the eighth calendar week, i.e. February 21 to 27, can be assumed.

However, the exact date has not yet been set and can still be postponed, the Austrian Ministry of Health reported after an APA request. Most recently, it was assumed that the vaccine would come in the first quarter of 2022, an exact date was not given. Austria ordered 750,000 cans from Novavax for the first quarter of 2022. This is intended to address in particular those people who have previously refused vaccination.

Novavax approved as the fifth corona vaccine in the EU

Lauterbach had emphasized on Friday that the preparation, which was “quasi a dead vaccine”, should be made available to those who preferred this type of vaccination. He himself cannot assess the value of the Omikron variant very well. But he assumes that the vaccine should work well. Vaccinations with it would be recommended.

Novavax’s product was recently approved as the fifth corona vaccine in the EU. Two doses are injected about three weeks apart. It is a protein vaccine – so it is based on a different technology than the previously available corona preparations. The effectiveness of protection against symptomatic infections was stated by the EU Medicines Agency (EMA) to be around 90 percent. Experts pointed out that we do not yet know as much about the new vaccine as about the other drugs that have been widely used for a long time.

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