Lucas and Jade are together

Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) and Lucas (Murilo Benício) have been in love with each other since the first time they saw each other, but were deprived of living the passion, since Ali (Stênio Garcia) doesn’t accept that his niece is with someone who isn’t Muslim. The two come up with a plan, but Jade doesn’t run away with Lucas in The Clone.

Jade runs away with Lucas in The Clone?

It will not be this time that the couple will be together, at least not until the end of the soap opera. The protagonist takes advantage of a breach in the family’s plans after being returned by Zeid (Luciano Szafir) to resume her marriage to Said (Dalton Vigh). Jade and Lucas set up their escape and plan to take Khadija (Carla Diaz) with them, as the girl doesn’t want her daughter to stay with her father and his second wife, Ranya (Nivea Stelmann).

But, Lucas refuses to kidnap Jade’s daughter, as this is a crime. Another event that compromises the lovebirds’ plan is the fact that Zein makes Jade fall asleep on their wedding night – she had prepared the drink for him to sleep, but who ends up drinking the liquid is she. As he has truly fallen in love with Khadija’s mother, he begins to procrastinate on ‘giving back’ Said’s wife. That way, Lucas and Jade can’t escape.

Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) and Lucas (Murilo Benício) in O Clone – Photo: Reproduction/GloboPlay

Does the couple get together in the end?

Although this escape did not go as planned, the lovebirds will manage to stay together at the end of the novel. That’s because in the last episode, Jade will go to the ruins where she used to find her love when the two were young.

At the same time, Lucas also goes to the same place. The two meet and finally have their happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Said ends the plot married to Ranya and also Zuleika.

Clone is being rerun at Vale a Pena Ver De Novo, from Monday to Friday, at 4:30 pm, Brasília time.

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