Number of infections among students increases by 36 percent: ...

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The most recent figures from the Centers for Pupil Guidance (CLBs) show that a positive Covid test was taken between 8 and 21 November in 1.76 percent of students, which is an increase of 36 percent. “If the infections increase throughout society, then the schools will not be spared either,” says Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts.

“The virus is affecting society as a whole, but education is the only sector that consistently offers transparency about the infections and quarantines within its own sector,” Weyts said in a press release. “For more than a year, every two weeks has been reported on the figures collected by the Pupil Guidance Centers (CLBs), which work in extremely difficult circumstances to keep as many schools as possible open.”

The latest figures from the CLBs now show a sharp increase in the number of infections in schools. In the period between Monday 8 and Sunday 21 November, 21,162 students (1.76 percent) and 6,168 teaching staff (3.64 percent) were tested positive for Covid. As a result, 33,603 students (2.79 percent) and 1,144 staff (0.68 percent) were quarantined. The number of infections among students has increased by 58 percent compared to the previous reporting period.

Weyts nuances those increases. First, the increase in the number of infections among students is more remarkably lower than the increase in the number of infections across society over the same period. “Secondly, it is compared with the period in which the autumn holidays fell.”

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More infections in high school

According to the education minister, there are well-developed procedures for schools that are confronted with cluster infections or force majeure. “This local approach is preferable to new linear measures, whereby, for example, we also make distance learning mandatory in schools where there are currently fewer or no problems.”

The share of primary education in the total education contamination figures is falling: from 70 percent of all education infections in the previous reporting period to 60 percent in the most recent figures.

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