Nurse denounces aggression for asking patient to wear a mask

A nurse reported having been the victim of aggression inside a municipal hospital in Conceição de Jacuípe, approximately 100km from Salvador. The case took place last Thursday (1°).

According to g1 Bahia, nurse Alysson Lima asked the patient to wear a protective mask. However, according to him, the woman was “very aggressive”.

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When calling the guard who was on duty at the unit to support the request to wear a mask, Alysson says that the patient’s mother began to assault him and film the situation.

“Upon realizing that I was being filmed, I tried to ask her not to film me and that’s how the physical attacks started”, said the nurse, who said he had taken a forensic examination and was waiting for the process to start.

On social networks, the prefecture of Conceição de Jacuípe reported that the patient initiated the physical attacks on the nurse’s neck. Still according to the note, Alysson suffered abrasions.

The city hall indicated that the case was forwarded to the police authorities and is awaiting investigation. In contact with the production team of TV Subaé, the police informed that the case will be investigated as physical and verbal aggression.

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