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The service will have three plans: free, monthly and semiannual

NVIDIA launches GeForce NOW in Brazil, cloud gaming platform, this Thursday (14)


© Reproduction/GeForceNVIDIA launches GeForce NOW in Brazil, cloud gaming platform, this Thursday (14)

A NVIDIA released this Thursday (14) the GeForce NOW in Brazil, a cloud gaming platform that doesn’t require users to have a powerful PC to play graphics-heavy games.

discovered by Newspaper of the Games, the service arrives in Brazil with three plans available: the free streaming plan with GTX graphics and queue, the monthly plan (R$ 44.99 per month) with RTX graphics and priority access to servers and the semi-annual plan with graphics RTX and priority access to servers, but a little cheaper than monthly (equivalent to R$ 40.50 per month).

The service has a limitation for users, with free plans with a limit of up to 30 minutes per session and paid plans (monthly and semi-annual) with a limit of up to 6 hours per session – in addition to the best graph for running in the cloud by an RTX.

The game list is available on the official website and features a number of paid and free titles including: Age of Conan: Unchained, Apex Legends, Brawlhalla, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Dauntless among the free highlights .

The service is now available and to access it, just go to official site from GeForce NOW and follow the instructions to run through an app or the Google Chrome or Safari browser itself. It is noteworthy that, as it is a launch, it is possible that it is a little congested.

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